The Team

We have been on a world trip since July 2011 (

On Curacao we have found our place and fulfill our dream.

Central Dive Curacao is our baby and we look forward to growing together.


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Marcel Zinnert

from Orpund (Switzerland)

Speaks German / French and English

SSI Instructor and PADI MSDT

Those who dive with Marcel appreciate his precise briefings, the valuable hints, his humor and kindness and, last but not least, his absolute professionalism.

Time does not matter, the pleasure and the joy of diving together is important.

Dunja Theilkäs

 "DuDu" from Ipsach (Switzerland)

Speaks German / French and English

SSI and PADI Instructor and Uw Videographer

If you dive with DuDu notices that she has found her passion for the sea. You will be entertaining and professional Introduced into the underwater world of Curacao.

Diving student can be confident that she will guide you to your desired certification without stress and with great patience.


Malù, our dive dog, shows you what comfort and stress-free means. She is waiting for you and is ready for cuddling.