Diving on your own, without guide or instructor

You like it relaxed, without time pressure and obligations? Then you are right on Curacao. After your check in at our diving school we give you everything you need to dive, including a comprehensive briefing and off you go!

With your rental car, you can recharge the required tanks directly at our diving school. Afterwards, you drive off to one of the fantastic beaches for your dives.

All you can dive packets

You are full of energy and want as much diving as possible? Then book your All you can Dive Packet for the number of days you want. Whether you do one or five dives a day is completely up to you and does not change the package price.


For all you can Dive Nitrox a reservation is necessary.

Independent diving incl. weight

All you can Dive 3 days

105$  Air 145$  *Nitrox

All you can Dive 4 days

135$  Air 184$  *Nitrox

All you can Dive 5 days

156$  Air 216$  *Nitrox

All you can Dive 6 days

175$  Air 243$  *Nitrox

All you can Dive additional day    

  27$  Air   38$  *Nitrox

(* Nitrox only on advance booking)