Guided diving

Together with your diving guide you will discover more and you can devote yourself to the underwater world.

Guided dives incl. Transport, guide, tank and weight

1 dive


2 dives (2 Tank)


4 dives (2 x 2 Tank)


6 dives (3 x 2 Tank)


8 dives (4 x 2 Tank)


10 dives (5 x 2 Tank)


12 dives (6 x 2 Tank)



Night dive including dive lights    


Scuba Skills / Scuba review


Introduction "Diving on your own"


Adventure Dive "lionfish hunt"


U/W video dive


Wreck dive



Night dives are special for most divers!
Experienced, how the night-active animals such as squid, crabs and crawfish
go on hunting. Also the corals feed themselves at night, with their small tentacles they "catch" plankton. If you are in Curacao at the right time of the year, you have the opportunity to be part of the unique experience of the coral bloom.

Check with us when it is the best time for it.


Curacao offers different wrecks. The most famous and biggest is certainly the superior producer, which is located in front of the Megapier in Willemstad and is for advanced divers. But also other wrecks have their charms, so the Tugboat is an absolute highlight for our younger divers and snorkelers, as it is at just 6m deep.
Other wrecks are the Car Pile at Marie Popoen, Car Wrecks at Kokomo Beach and the Airplane Wreck at St. Marthabaai.

Check with us which wreck you can dive.


Scuba Skills / Scuba review

You have not dived for a long time and want to freshen your safety underwater with a dive instructor?

We will tell you how to properly set up your dive equipement and make all the security checks. In the water, we will bring you back your diving safety with exercises and we determine your right amount of lead. Afterwards we explore the dive site together.

Adventure Dive Lionfish hunting

Not only Curacao but the whole Caribbean suffers from an "invasion" of the Lionfish. Learn more about this plague and help us protect our reefs. After a little theory, we go hunting together. We show you how to take the fish and prepare for a delicious dinner.

Introduction to the "first time on your own divers"

You want to discover the underwater world on your own (with your buddy) without a guide or diveinstructor, but you have never done this before? Then let it explain to you in an introductory dive.

Video dive

Looking for a unique souvenir? Whether engagement, marriage, birthday or anniversary. This video is a unique memory and remains a lifetime.